In accordance with the LREC Rules and Regulations, all salesperson and associate broker licensees must have a supervising broker.

You must use your LREC-issued license number on the following forms. Failure to use the correct name and license number will result in a delay in any termination or transfer requests. If you do not know your license number, you can find it using our Individual Licensee Search tool.

It is very important that you list the correct name and license number of your sponsoring broker on these forms. If you are supervised by a company and you list an individual broker’s name it will result in a delay in processing your transfer or termination. You must also ensure that the name and license number that you provide are both associated with the same license. For example, do not give an individual’s name and a company’s license number.

Termination of Supervision
This form is used to terminate the supervision of a salesperson or associate broker. It is a fill-in form that can be completed online, printed, and submitted via mail.

Transfer License to New Broker
This form is used to transfer a license to a new supervising broker. It is a fill-in form that can be completed online, printed, and submitted with payment via mail.