Mailing Address:
9071 Interline Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Phone: (225) 925-1923
Toll Free: (In Louisiana Only) 1-800-821-4529
Fax: 225-925-4501

Administration Division

Name Position Extension Email
Bruce Unangst Executive Director 1217
Summer Mire Deputy Director 1217
Ryan Shaw Public Information Director 1253
Damien Smart Information Technology Director 1222
General Information
General IT Information

Education & Licensing Division

Name Position Extension Email
Mark Gremillion Education/Licensing Director 1247
Anne Brassett* Appraisers Board Assistant 1241
Andrew Plylar Agency Receptionist 1210

Education Division

Name Position Extension Email
Debbie DeFrates Education Division Manager 1239
Dusty Evans Education Coordinator 1246
General Education Information

Licensing Division

Name Position Extension Email
Sunny Miles Licensing Division Manager 1225
Angie Bessix Licensing Coordinator 1213
Santana Morris Licensing Coordinator 1218
Karen Buratt Licensing Coordinator 1220
General Licensing Information

Regulatory Compliance

Name Position Extension Email
Thomas E. Devillier Regulatory Compliance Director 1226
Nikki Senegal Wallace Regulatory Compliance Supervisor 1219
Malissa Fowler Compliance Officer 1227
Telly Hollis Compliance Officer 1250
Logan Cockerham Compliance Officer 1231
Allison O'Toole Regulatory Compliance Coordinator 1237
General Regulatory Compliance Information

Accounting Division

Name Position Extension Email
Jenny Yu Fiscal Officer 1230
Vanda Araujo Accountant 1212
Barbara Lusk Accountant 1245
General Billing Information

*Denotes personnel assigned exclusively to the Real Estate Appraiser’s Board