Upon receipt of a valid case that falls within the jurisdiction of the Louisiana Real Estate Commission, a case file is opened and assigned to a compliance officer. The assigned compliance officer will conduct personal interviews with all individuals relevant to the case and review all associated documents. Licensees, registrants and certificate holders are required by law to cooperate fully with the investigation.

If an investigation reveals evidence of a violation of the Louisiana Real Estate License Law or the Rules and Regulations of the Commission, a public adjudicatory hearing is scheduled. All formal hearings are conducted in open meetings, in accordance with the Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act.

Persons involved in the investigation may be subpoenaed to attend the hearing. Licensees, registrants and certificate holders who are the subject of the hearing may be represented by legal counsel at their own expense.

The Commission renders a decision based upon all evidence presented at the hearings. A finding of guilt can result in any of the following:

  • Censure
  • Revocation
  • Suspension
  • Levy of a fine
  • Require additional education