Fine Citation Schedule

LAC46:LXVII.2501 Advertising Violations (Note: Fine amounts assessed to both the Licensee and the Broker.) $250 $500 $1,500
LAC46:LXVII.2701 Escrow and Trust Accounts; Resident Broker Requirements; improper account name. $150
LAC46:LXVII.2708 Escrow and Trust Accounts; Signatory Rights on Accounts. $150
LAC46:LXVII.2711 Escrow and Trust Accounts; Non-Interest-Bearing Checking Accounts. $150
LAC46:LXVII.2901 Disbursement of Escrow Deposits; failure to properly disburse. $325
LAC46:LXVII.3101 Reporting Change of Addresses and / or Telephone Number; failure to report. $150
LAC46:LXVII.3501 Disclosure; Licensee as Principal in a Real Estate Transaction; failure to disclose. $150
LAC46:LXVII.3905; 3907 Presentation of Offers and Counter Offers; Transactions; Rejection of Offers and Counter Offers; failure to annotate. $150 $300 $600
La.R.S.37:1437(C)(1)(c); (C)(4)(b) Failure to complete (45) hour post-licensing (PL) course; broker; licensee. $325
La.R.S.37:1437(C)(5)(a) Failure to complete (12) hours of annual continuing education. $325 $575 $1,575
La.R.S.37:1442(A) Issuance and renewal; conducting real estate activity after credential expiration. $325 $575 $1,575
La.R.S.37:1449(A) Record retention; failure to provide documents to principal. $150
La.R.S.37:1449(B) Record retention; failure to timely provide documents within (5) days. $150
La.R.S.37:1449(D) Record retention; failure to properly maintain records for (5) years. $150
La.R.S.37:1455(A)(9) Disclosure; failure to disclose dual capacity as agent and principal in a transaction. $325 $575 $1,575
La.R.S.37:1455(A)(21) Disclosure; failure to provide agency disclosure pamphlet or dual agency form. $150
La.R.S.37:1455(A)(33) Disclosure; failure to provide property disclosure form. $150