In accordance with the LREC Licensing Law, all broker company licensees may designate a new qualifying broker at any time provided that they follow the requirements of 37:1441(C).

You must use the LREC-issued license number on the following forms. Failure to use the correct name and license number will result in a delay in any termination or transfer requests. If you do not know the license number, you can find it using our Broker Firm/Company Search tool.

It is very important that you fill out the following form correctly to avoid processing delays. If you need assistance completing this form, use the Instructions for Completing the Change of Designated Qualifying Broker form document.

Change of Designated Qualifying Broker for Corporation, Partnership, or L.L.C.
This form cannot be used to transfer a licensee from one broker to another. Use this form only to change the designated qualifying broker of a Corporation, Partnership, or L.L.C.  This is a fill-in form that can be completed online, printed, and submitted via email.