By answering ‘Yes,’ please acknowledge and agree that you understand all the following:

  • The Louisiana Real Estate Commission (“Commission”) requires all individuals applying for licensure to complete a criminal history records information report.  La. R.S. 37:1430 et seq.
  • Any Applicant, who has been convicted of one or more felony(ies), shall complete the Felony Review Hearing Application form, as prescribed and periodically amended and approved by the Commission.  La. R.S. 37:33(A)(2).
  • In accordance with Act 486 (2022 R.S.), the Commission will provide such an Applicant with written notice, regarding whether the relevant criminal records history information may disqualify the Applicant from obtaining a real estate license, within no more than forty-five (45) days following the date of the Commission’s actual receipt of both the Applicant’s completed criminal history report and the Applicant’s completed Felony Review Hearing Application form.  La. R.S. 37:33(B)(2); La. R.S. 37:34-35.
  • An Applicant receiving a written notice that the Commission intends to prevent the Applicant from receiving a license shall be provided with the opportunity to participate in an administrative hearing of the Commission to be formally noticed and conducted in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act and all other information and final determination(s) required by law.  La. R.S. 49:950 et seq.