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Video: LREC Commissioner and Standardized Forms Committee Chairman Rick Roberts Reviews Changes to Purchase Agreement and Property Disclosure

Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell (effective 01-01-22)

Notes: The addition of trademarks or logos to the Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell is permissible; however, doing so shall not otherwise modify this document.

See the LREC’s decision on the use of federal proprietary purchase agreements/contracts.

Residential Property Disclosure Form (effective 01-01-22)

*The redlined documents are intended to reflect the significant additions and deletions between the previous versions and the 2022 versions. These redline documents are not word-by-word comparisons of the documents.)

See Chapter 36 of the Commission Rules and Regulations for additional information about the use of this form.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form – Disclosure of information on lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards.

Suggested Addenda – The following are suggested forms and use is not mandatory


Agency Disclosure Forms

  • Agency Disclosure Form
    May be used by licensees as an alternative to the mandated Agency Disclosure Pamphlet
  • Disclosure and Consent to Dual Agency Form
    Mandated form which explains that a real estate licensee may potentially act as a dual agent who represents more than one part to the transaction with written consent of all parties.