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NEWVideo: LREC Commissioner and Standardized Forms Committee Chairman Dee Halphen Reviews Changes to LREC Mandatory Forms with Rick Roberts

Video: LREC Commissioner and Standardized Forms Committee Chairman Rick Roberts Reviews Changes to Purchase Agreement and Property Disclosure

Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell (effective 01-01-22)

Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell (effective 01-01-24)

Notes: The addition of trademarks or logos to the Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell is permissible; however, doing so shall not otherwise modify this document.

See the LREC’s decision on the use of federal proprietary purchase agreements/contracts.

Residential Property Disclosure Form (effective 01-01-23)

Per Act No. 581 of the 2022 Regular Session of the Legislature, the Residential Property Disclosure Form has been updated to include an additional question (No. 45) regarding restrictive covenants and/or building restrictions of the subject property. This form is available for use now and will become mandatory on January 1, 2023.

Residential Property Disclosure Form (effective 01-01-24)

See Chapter 36 of the Commission Rules and Regulations for additional information about the use of this form.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form – Disclosure of information on lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards.

Suggested Addenda – The following are suggested forms and use is not mandatory


Agency Disclosure Forms

  • Agency Disclosure Form
    May be used by licensees as an alternative to the mandated Agency Disclosure Pamphlet
  • Disclosure and Consent to Dual Agency Form
    Mandated form which explains that a real estate licensee may potentially act as a dual agent who represents more than one part to the transaction with written consent of all parties.