All active real estate licensees must complete 12 hours of approved continuing education coursework, including any LREC mandatory course topic(s), each year to be eligible to renew their license for the next year. Continuing education courses are available through LREC-certified real estate vendors. A list of LREC-certified vendors, courses, and course schedules can be found on under “Course Lookup.”


2019 Mandatory Course Topic – LREC Updates and Addenda (must be taken by all salespersons, associate brokers, and brokers)

2019 Broker Mandatory Course (must be taken by all associate brokers and brokers)

Mandatory course topic(s) must be completed through an approved LREC-certified real estate vendor prior to license renewal as part of the 12-hour continuing education requirement. A list of LREC-certified vendors, courses, and course schedules can be found on under “Course Lookup.”

These courses should not be confused with similar courses of the same name. Be specific and request a 2019 mandatory course topic(s).

Salespersons must take the above-listed mandatory course and eight hours of Commission-approved electives.

Associate brokers and brokers must take the above-listed mandatory courses and four hours of Commission-approved electives.

If you are a new licensee, please remember that completion of the 45-hour post-license curriculum does not relieve you from completing the mandatory course topic(s).

Past Mandatory Course Topics

Initial Licensees Only

1. In the year issued, an initial licensee will only be required to complete the mandatory continuing education requirement mentioned below prior to renewing an active license. This does not relieve the licensee of the post-licensing education mentioned below if it falls due within the year the license is issued.

2. Post-license Education is a specific 45-hour requirement that must be completed within 180 days from your initial/upgraded license date.

3. Continuing Education is an annual 12-hour requirement that includes hours in mandatory course topic(s) specified by the Commission.

4. In the year completed, your post-licensing education hours may be used to satisfy a portion of the 12-hour annual continuing education requirement; however, post-licensing education hours will not satisfy the mandatory course topic(s) hours specified by the Commission.