Inactive licensees intending to transfer to the active status must contact the LREC to request the licensee-specific Transfer to Active form. This form is generated based on a review of the licensee’s inactive period and any education requirements that may have been completed during that time. The form will tell the licensee what education, if any, will be required. The form also provides for designation of supervising broker.

To transfer an inactive license back to the active status a licensee must request a transfer to active form. The requirements to transfer to active are not standard and must be determined on an individual basis for each licensee. You should make your request via phone, fax, mail or email and confirm your name as listed on the license, license number, and mailing address to have the transfer to active form generated. Please allow two weeks for a transfer to active determination. A licensee-specific form will be generated which will list any education requirements that must be completed prior to transferring back to active. The form will list fees due and provide for broker supervision if needed.

For more information on the requirements to transfer from inactive to active, review section 1437.3 of the LREC Licensing Law.