Chairman’s Corner – 2024 License Renewal Season

The 2024 license renewal season is quickly approaching and the LREC team is ready to help guide all licensees through the renewal process!

Act 193 of the 2021 Regular Legislative Session made several changes to the annual license renewal period including the introduction of timely and delinquent renewal periods. The new law (effective as of April 1, 2022) encourages all licensees to complete the renewal process as soon as possible and also aims to remove the stress of last-minute renewals during the busy holiday season.

Renewals are considered on time if they are completed August 1 through September 30. Renewals will also be accepted October 1 through December 31, but you may be charged a delinquent renewal fee during that time.

Please note: All licensees, active or inactive, must renew their license by the December 31 deadline.

How to Renew My License

Licenses can be renewed in one of two ways… online or by paper renewal. More details on the renewal process can be found on the LREC Renewal FAQ page and on page 4 of the latest issue of Boundary Lines.


Jeff Free, Chairman