Checking Your License Status Online

You can use the Individual Licensee Search and Brokerage Firm/Company Search tools on to check the  current status of licenses. Each search result will include information on the current status of the license. While some license status categories are self-explanatory, further explanation is required of some, as indicated below:

    • Pending enforcement means that the renewal is blocked until you clear up an enforcement issue. Licensees can email to address issues.
    • 2019 Renewal application emailed to licensee means that the renewal has been sent to the licensee for completion.
    • Renewal application NOT processed due to ERROR means that a renewal has been processed, but the license has not been issueddue to errors such as missing documentation or fees.
    • Ready to print means that a renewal application has been received and processed by the LREC, and the license is in the queue to print.
    • Sponsor not renewed means that the licensee’s sponsoring broker has not completed their renewal.