• Each applicant must order a criminal background history after submission of their license application.
  • You must order your criminal background history through your MyLREC Portal, which you will receive access to once the LREC has received your application.
  • The LREC recommends and prefers that all applicants successfully pass both the state and national exams prior to ordering a criminal background history.  The criminal background history shall remain effective for up to a maximum term of one year from the official date of the completed report.
  • The criminal background history is only one part of the license application process, and it is recommended that all applicants review the Reciprocal Pre-Licensing Checklist for more information.


  • A signed written release to the information contained in your criminal background history is not required.
  • Establishing and ordering your background check serves as consent for the information contained therein to be released to the LREC.