Auto-forward Your LREC Email

The Commission’s primary way to communicate with you is through your LREC-assigned email account. To make it convenient for you to stay up-to-date with our latest news and information, we have a simple auto-forward function that takes just a minute to set up.

Follow these 5 steps to set up your auto-forward function:

  1. Login to your LREC-assigned email account through your MyLREC portal
  2. Click on “Options” on the sidebar
  3. Click on “Auto Forwarding”
  4. Add email(s) to Forward Address dialog box
  5. Check the box for “After forward save a copy to local mailbox” – this will keep a copy of the email in your LREC-assigned email inbox
  6. Click “Save”

You should always login into your LREC assigned email account periodically and ensure your auto forwarding email(s) is valid and the option “After forward save a copy to local mailbox” is checked.

Note: Due to various email provider’s security/spam policies always check your spam folder for any LREC emails. Move, Mark and or add all LREC emails to your email safe list.